Window Tinting Rebate from Dominion Energy for Small Business Owners
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See If Your Business Qualifies

If you qualify, this Window Tinting Rebate will help offset the cost for your Solar Reduction Window Film. - MUST QUALIFY - Sorry this Window Tinting Rebate is for Commercial Window Tinting only. 

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Non-Residential Window Film Window Tinting Rebate

Dominion Energy Virginia's Non-Residential Window Film Program promotes the installation of solar reduction window film to customers interested in lowering their cooling bills and improving overall comfort. The average program rebate is $2,100, and rebates are calculated based on the improvement in Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). Dominion’s energy conservation programs for window tinting are helping non-residential (small business owners) customers create a more energy efficient environment in their facilities. Check out Dominion Energy Rebate success stories  to see what savings you're missing. 

Benefits of Participation

Installation of window film on your non-residential facility’s windows can significantly lower the solar radiation admitted through the windows. According to data provided by the International Window Film Association (IWFA), this offers many benefits including:

  • Reducing annual energy usage by 4.7%
  • Blocking 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays from entering through windows while protecting your employees, customers and furniture/furnishings from damaging effects caused by the sun
  • Improving tenant comfort by blocking up to 84% of solar energy (heat) gain admitted through windows that would normally pass through untreated glass, while reducing cooling costs through improved HVAC efficiency
  • Reducing disruptive glare and the need for interior lighting after closing blinds and drapes to block the sun’s excessive UV rays
  • You can receive a return on your investment in 2-5 years, depending on the window film tint installed and the building's existing attributes
  • You may authorize payment of the rebate to the contractor to offset the out-of-pocket expenses