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Dominion Energy Virginia's Non-Residential Window Film Program the installation of solar reduction window film to customers interested in lowering their cooling bills and improving overall comfort. The average program rebate is $2,100, and rebates are calculated based on the improvement in Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). Dominion’s energy conservation programs for window tinting are helping non-residential (small business owners) customers create a more energy efficient environment in their facilities. Check out Dominion Energy Rebate success stories  to see what savings you're missing. Make sure you contact Commonwealth Window Tinting and get a free window tinting quote to start lowering your energy bills today. 


What Does Solar Reduction Film Do?

• Lowers energy bills
• Lower a rooms temperature 8-14 degrees
• Make your AC work less and last longer
• Wraps your house with 285 SPF protection 
• Blocks 97% of all harmful UV-rays
• Cuts out glare on the eyes

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What Can I Put Solar Reduction Film On?

• Sun Rooms
• Bed Rooms
• Sliding Glass Doors
• Movie Rooms
• Living Rooms
• Dining Rooms
• Bath Rooms
• Skylights 

Solar Heat Control

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The sun sends energy to the earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation or energy waves. The visible radiation we see everyday is normal daylight and the invisible radiation is infrared solar heat and ultraviolet radiation. Roughly 44% of the sun's radiant energy is received in the form of visible light. Invisible infrared solar heat radiation accounts for approximately 53% of the sun's energy, and the remaining 3% is in the form of invisible ultraviolet or UV radiation.

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