Window Film Removal

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window film removal

Window Film Removal

Window Film Removal is a tedious process you don't want to deal with. We offer complimentary quotes on window film removal to all clients commercial and residential. There is a 4 step process to remove old window film and glue to make your windows as clean as the day they were put in. There is a trick to this trade and the best results come from the best tools and techniques used. FYI, we do not use any chemicals to remove film in your home or business. 

  1. Scrape old film off with a 3" non-scratch carbon razor blade
  2. Spray the window with soap/water solution and use a non-scratch scrubby to clean the window
  3. Spray glue with soap/water solution and scrape with a 6" non-scratch carbon fiber razor blade
  4. Squeegee glass clean

If done the wrong way, window film removal could easily bust a seal and cause seal failure, making your windows fog up. You could easily scratch your glass with the wrong type of razor blade and then it's ruined for life. Quotes are always complimentary at 757-646-6357.


Pricing starts at $1.50 per square foot and can be as high as $3.50 a square foot. Every case is different when it comes to window film removal. It depends on multiple factors like how old the film is, does it peel off and only leaves the glue and resigns behind to scrape, or does it flake off into a million tiny pieces so that both the film and the glue have to be scraped off using special carbon razor blades? Commonwealth Window Tinting is a loyal family-owned company and we only charge what the job is worth. We always inspect and quote each widow film removal job fairly as it should be!