What is Commercial Window Tinting?

Window tinting is very common for commercial buildings of all kinds. It not only keeps the place cool for employees but it also presents a shining professional image that your brand deserves. But what is window tinting? Window tinting services such as ours, will make your windows protected from UV light, prevent them from getting too hot as well as fitting them with a shade that suits your branding. But there are so many benefits to window tinting, that we really should get into the nitty-gritty details.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is done by fitting a very thin laminate film over the top of the surface. The film will reflect UV light, keeping the inside of a building cool. It will also lessen the sharpness of the sunshine so it’s easy to look outside the window without being blinded by the light. The film is also easy to repair and or replace. It can also be cleaned using many industrial cleaning agents and it will still remain functional. The film can be heat treated when fitted or it can use a translucent resin to stick onto the exterior of the window. 

So Why Tint Windows?

Residential window tinting is very common these days, especially for parts of the home that are a little exposed to prying eyes. You may want to tint the window of your conservatory so you can relax in peace without worrying that your neighbors could see inside. For commercial window tinting however, it’s purely for financial reasons. If the hot sunshine is let inside the building, it will cause the general temperature to rise, which leads to uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe working conditions. 

So you should tint your windows for your commercial building to not just keep your employees happy and safe, but because it can seriously save you a lot of money over the years. You won’t need to put the air conditioning on as much and this helps to regulate temperatures and costs together.

The Health Benefits

Take a look at our commercial window tinting Chesapeake services. We can tackle any commercial building size, tint the windows to your liking and provide a quick and efficient service. 

Speaking with our customers, one of the things we have heard back is that you are less at risk due to our window tinting service. If you are exposed to harmful UV rays for hours on end, this can lead to dehydration, headaches and most of all, skin cancer. But our level of tinting is just enough to stop UV rays coming in but allow enough light in to have a bright and vibrant workspace.

Last For A Long Time

Window tinting is very strong. The laminate film can withstand almost any weather conditions. Whether you live in a rainy part of the world, or where there are tornados or even sand storms, our window tinting can stand the test. If you are curious about how long a good window tinting job lasts, we can answer that for you. It can last from 10 to 15 years but in some cases slightly longer. If the proper cleaning agents are used and you hire expert cleaners, you can have your window tint job last for 20 years. 

Improving Security

One of the reasons we find our residential window tinting clients talk about is, they want privacy but also security. This is also repeated by our commercial clients who would like to have window tinting on their offices because they want to deter criminals. If a thief can see valuables inside your building from afar, they are going to be attracted to them and eventually, try and make their way in. With window tinting, it’s an affordable security measure that doesn’t reward the eyes of a burglar by showing them exactly what and who is inside the building. 

Professional Aesthetics

When you go to a major city like New York or London, you can see tall commercial buildings with lots of window tinting on display. If you would like a professional image, window tinting is the obvious way to go. Whether you want a blue-ish tint, a pink, grey or silver tint, we can supply any kind you like. Financial services brands like to have a blue tint, because it’s a popular color and it symbolizes professionalism. High-rise apartment buildings would like something warm and welcoming, so they opt for a more pink or brown hue. For sports stadiums they like to have a middle-of-the-road tint, such as grey or faded silver, and we can help with supplying that too.

Iconic Image

Some of the world’s most famous commercial buildings have window tinting and it makes them more recognizable. The ‘walkie-talkie’ building in London has a very unique deep-sea blue tint, which you can hardly see through. The Empire State building has a very iconic grey tint to it’s windows. There are many buildings around the world that have had the same iconic window tint for decades, making them symbols of the city, nation and culture they represent. Your building could be on the road to achieving this. If you want a unique tint color, speak with us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Privacy Matters

Employee privacy as they work is paramount. It’s not just because they may be working with sensitive data but also, they don’t want the building next door to be able to stare at them as they work, eat, laugh or take a phone call. It’s just a basic need for privacy that our window tinting service supplies. 

If you would like to know more about window tinting and the benefits it can provide, feel free to contact us at info@vatinting.com with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to help.