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Melted Vinyl Sinding Comes From Low-E Glass Window Reflection

Although Low E Windows offer more benefits than a traditional window, they also come with a few problems that can cost you money. Double Pane Windows cause melted vinyl siding. We fix and prevent these problems at an affordable price.melted vinyl siding from double pane low e glass


You can order direct and do it yourself for $225 per 5 foot section of film. If you are lucky you will cut the film just right and get 2 perfect window panes out of that 5 foot section. Or you can call the local experts to fix your melted vinyl siding, Commonwealth Window Tinting and we can do it at a much more affordable price. We will install each window pane, that is film and labor included, for $85 a window pane (2 windows for $170). Call 757-646-6357 for details or get a complimentary quote here!

Great Video on Vinyl Siding Melting

Melted Vinyl Siding

Experts call the problem of melting vinyl siding solar distortion, and it happens when a home's vinyl siding melts from the heat of sunlight reflected off nearby energy-efficient windows. Energy efficient windows can melt vinyl siding, artificial turf grass, and other materials by creating a concentrated and super heated beam of reflected sunlight. Think of burning paper with a magnifying glass like you would as a child; the type of solar heat here is much the same. There is any easy solution to the issue of sun reflections melting vinyl siding, but first let's take a minute to understand how it even happens in the first place.

Vinyl Siding Melting Window Tinting Film

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