film-window filmWhen used properly, window film is a very powerful product. You can lower energy bills up to 30% a month. Solar Reduction Window Tinting is speculated to pay for itself in just 26 months and the savings continue for the lifetime of the product.

However window film can also be very harmful to your windows and cost you lots of money. Architectural Window Film does 1 of 2 things. It either absorbs or it reflects.

If you have dual pane windows you absolutely must look at all the specs of the film you are choosing. You can not pick anything with to high of an absorption rate. It will absorb heat and the temperature will rise until the gas in between the window panels either explodes the glass or breaks the seals. If you have ever seen someone's window that just looks all foggy and you can't figure it out. This is because the seals have busted and failed. All of the gas inside has seeped out letting moister inside.