Fading Furniture & Preventing Sun Damage

You wouldn’t think that direct sunlight would be a big deal in your home, but it is. When UV rays hit a surface, they ever so slowly evaporate and harm some of the molecules and atoms that make it whole. Eventually, a carpet will fade in color and the fibers will feel dryer than the rest of the unharmed areas. So this is something that those of us who love interior design and the way our homes look and feel, should be wary about. It’s something that we’re going to explore right now.

Sun Can Damage Carpets

So, what is sun damage and how to prevent sun damage? As mentioned, carpets can be seriously damaged by direct sunlight. If you have carpet next to a window and the sunlight hits the floor for hours on end each day, your carpet will eventually fade in color. This will make the carpet look odd and in terms of style, completely out of the blue. Imagine a spot on the carpet that is lighter than the rest. It will look like you spilled something on the floor and used bleach to clean it up! You can prevent this by fitting UV-protective window tints. The thin laminate film will reflect the UV rays and keep your home cool and most of all, your carpets protected from sun damage.

Preventing Sun Damage To Furniture

Fabric seating is also vulnerable to sun damage. Leather sofas in particular are very vulnerable to sun damage. The leather will fade in color but it will also become dryer, which makes it brittle. It can crack and eventually as the cracks become more solidified, it will start to shed pieces of leather. Sun damaged furniture is not just ugly but it is uncomfortable to sit on. The coarse fibers and material will not impress guests. Window tinting and sun damage just don’t mix. They’re like oil and water. So one clear way to protect your furniture from UV rays is to fit a window tint to your home.

Lesser But Good Enough?

Some say that the good old shutter blinds are great for keeping out UV rays. However, they don’t have a tight fit among the blades, which means UV rays can and do often find their way through. Not to mention, if you have wooden shutters instead of PVC then chances are they will absorb and release heat from the sunlight too. This can make your home’s ambient temperature higher than it should be. However blinds are also not as good as they should be. Blinds often have gaps above each blade meaning UV rays can get in when the sun is high enough such as at midday. Window tinting services like ours, can allow you to look outside on a bright sunny day without squinting and still keep your home nice and cool.

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