Commercial Window Tinting In Virginia

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Commercial Window Tinting is the act of putting a window film on your glass windows to add privacy, get rid of heat and glare, lower your monthly energy bills, or simply improve the appearance. If done properly you can achieve all of the goals and also lower your carbon footprint. Another great thing is that Dominion Energy offers a rebate program for local small business owners to get help offsetting the price of Commercial Window Tinting. It's a giant win all the way around.

How does Commercial Window Tinting Lower My Energy Bills

For starters, you need to see if your local small business qualifies for the program. You can do that by finding a local participating Dominion Energy Contractor in your area who is qualified to sign you up for the Dominion Energy Non-Residential Window Film Program. Do that by visiting (the dominion energy website and clicking find a contractor.We are very sorry to inform you but Dominion Energy does not at the current time offer any rebate programs for Residential Window Tinting. This is for Commercial Window Tinting in Virginia.

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Now to explain just how Commercial Window Tinting lowers your monthly energy bills and saves you money as a business owner. Solar Reduction Window Film is a very advanced product the reflects heat and glare back into the environment and away from the inside of your business. The average Dual Reflective Window Film will reduce glare by about 68% and lower the temperature of a room by about 7-11 degrees. This will regulate inside temperatures and keep your air conditioning from cutting on and off. In return, you are lowering your energy bills.

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How Does Commercial Window Tinting Add Privacy

Privacy Window Tinting is really just a trick of the eye and a lighting effect. The privacy film for Commercial Window Tinting has a reflective quality to it. When the sun or any other lights are shining on it, it creates a reflective effect that you can not see through. The keywords in that last sentence were "or any other lights". To make it totally clear you can not have privacy at night time without some sort of outside lighting to shine and reflect off of the privacy window film. You know in the movies when someone is in the back room at the police station picking a criminal out of the lineup and the criminals are looking at a mirror with people behind it? The criminals can not see anyone back there because the lights are so bright. Then oops someone flicks the light and you can see right through the mirror into the room! That's exactly how privacy window film works. There are my types, brands, shades, and colors of privacy window film out there. We have something to fit everyone's needs and wants. If you Commercial Window Tinting for privacy, Commonwealth Window Tinting has you, covered folks. Take a look at some of our local clients we help with with Privacy.


Is Commercial Window Tinting in Virginia Affordable or Expensive

Your answer is both! Commercial Window Tinting can be as affordable or expensive as you make it. There are tons of options and tons of film companies. There are affordable functioning window films and there are top-of-the-line functioning window films that are also made for beauty and optical clarity. We even offer window films that are made to look like they are not there. You double up layers of window film to make different appearances, you can put solar reduction window film up and then put safety/security window film up for extra protection. There are Smart Window Films that are made of liquid crystal that actually go from clear to opaque with the click of a button or smart device. There really is no limit to the possibilities of film for Commercial Window Tinting use. Schedule a complimentary quote and we can show you or help you imagine anything!

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