When Choosing Window Film for Double Pane Glass, it's all about the "Absorption Rating"

First off never put "Automotive Window Film" on double pane glass. We don't want to see you with seal failure or broken glass. Auto film has a very high absorption rate and will surely ruin your residential home or your commercial properties windows. Solar Energy Reduction is an investment in the overall improvement of quality of living and work around you. If done properly it will actually lower your energy bills. Do yourself a favor and please use Architectural Window Film.

Double Pane Windows

window film for double pane glassDouble Pane windows are 2 pieces of glass that are sealed with space in between. This space between is usually filled with a gas. If you have double pane also known as "dual pane" glass, we recommend going with a reflective film. Although these windows are good for heat insulation, adding window film will alter the solar properties and will damage your glass. You have to be careful of what film you use.

If you have windows in your home and they are fogged up and have moister between them, your seals are most likely busted and the gas has escaped. We can not fix this, you need to call the manufacturer.

Architectural Window Filmrolls of window film

Made specifically to go on flat glass in commercial properties or residential homes. Architectural film is the best way to go when tinting double pane windows. As a general rule of thumb never put a window film with greater than a 50% "absorption rating" on your windows. There are many types of architectural films. There are Decorative FilmsSecurity Films and Solar Reduction films to lower your energy bills.

Here's link to some great "Dual Reflective" Window Film's safe to put on your home or business windows. If you have any questions or want to know more please give us a call or request us to come give you a complimentary quote.

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