Amazing Benefits of Window Tinting

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Benefits Of Window Tinting

Benefits of Window Tinting with Solar Reduction Window Films will lower your monthly energy bills. With reducing glare up to 91%, lowering room temperatures up to 23 degrees and 285-SPF Sunscreen protection, it is a very valuable investment to protect you valuables and assets.

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Out of all the Benefits of Window Tinting, the #1 Benefit is Lowering Your Energy Bills

  1. Lower your monthly energy bills
  2. Reduce heat in you home 8-19 degrees
  3. Cut the glare coming in your windows up to 91%
  4. 285-spf sunscreen protection (protects your skin, furnishings, floorings and antiques)
  5. Improves the quality of living your home or commercial space
  6. Adds privacy to any piece of glass
  7. Adds security to any piece of glass

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