Reflective Window Film

Dual Reflective Film

Dual Reflective Window Film provides gives homeowners all the benefits of strong sun and glare control while keeping their view looking from the inside – out both day and night. It's also the most affordable Architectural Window Film line. If you want bang for your buck then this is your film! Besides lowering you monthly energy bills, here are some great benefits.

  • Strong Heat & Glare Control
  • Soft, Natural Color
  • Optimal Nighttime Viewing
  • Reflective Exterior
  • Neutral Interior
  • 99.9% UV Fade Control 

What's It Look Like

Dual Reflective Window Film has a classy reflective look to it from the outside looking. It adds great privacy while blocking all the nasty heat and glare from entering you home. It actually cuts glare so much that it improves your view looking out of your home.

reflective window film
Reflective Window Film
Reflective Window Film

This film comes in a great selection of shades and darkness's. From darkest to lightest (lower the % the darker the film) you have 5%, 15%, 25%, 35% and 45%. There is a dual reflective window film for everyone's needs. If you want to get rid of heat and glare, lower your energy bills, make your AC last longer and make your home look better then you need dual reflective window film.