Without Security Window Film anything can happen, even goats!!

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Security Window Film

Security Window Film is a Safety Film that offers significant  solar heat and UV control in addition to the standard protection benefits security film, security window film, safety film, safety window filmof a clear safety film. Solar Security Window Film comes in different light transmissions and thickness. Solar Security Film provides other benefits for residential homeowners or retail and commercial building owners such as:

  • Deters theft and break ins
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Glare Reduction
  • Increased level of privacy
  • Improved comfort and working conditions
  • Greater protection for window merchandising displays (theft, fading)
  • Enhanced building appearance uniformity

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How Does Glass Break

Glass breakage occurs in five ways:
  • Tensile stress from the weight of the glass
  • Thermal stress from absorption of solar radiation
  • Mechanical flexing stress, i.e. from wind pressure
  • Impact stress from flying objects (windblown and thrown objects)
  • Twisting stress from building movements, i.e. earthquakes
Solar Heat Control

The sun sends energy to the earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation or energy waves. The visible radiation we see everyday is normal daylight and the invisible radiation is infrared solar heat and ultraviolet radiation. Roughly 44% of the sun's radiant energy is received in the form of visible light. Invisible infrared solar heat radiation accounts for approximately 53% of the sun's energy, and the remaining 3% is in the form of invisible ultraviolet or UV radiation.

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