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We are a Virginia Commercial Window Tinting Expert, located in Chesapeake, Va. 23320. If you have a storefront, a restaurant, an office space or any type of commercial space that is to hot to enjoy or the glare is so bad that your customers complain, we fix that. No matter how large or small your business is, you can't afford not to have solar reduction window film.

Small Business Owners in Virginia may qualify for a Dominion Energy Non-Residential Rebate Program.


Home Window Tinting 

First of all it reduces some temperatures up to 25 degrees; Second, it cuts up to 91% of glare and last but not least, it lowers your monthly energy bills. In addition to Solar Reduction Film, we also do Security Window Film to protect your family and valuables, and Decorative Film to upgrade the appearance of any glass surface.


Frosted Window Film adds privacy to any glass surface. It's aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and upgrades any type of glass or wondow.

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Commercial Window Tinting Testimonials

You can put decorative window film on any glass surface. Put frosting on your front door to add privacy so nosy people can't peak through. Add appeal to your bathroom by putting decorative film on your glass shower. You can even change the color of a glass surface with any color you can think of. How are you going to use decorative film?

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Commercial Window Tinting includes Decorative Window Film. You can "frost" your shower or front door.

commercial window tinting, home window tinting quote, residential window tinting, dominion energy rebate program

With Decorative Window Film You can pretty much make any glass surface look just the way you want it to look. 

commercial window tinting, home window tinting quote, residential window tinting, dominion energy rebate program

If you can think it up, Commonwealth Window Tinting can make it happen. We look forward to impressing you.



For Commercial Window Tinting, Dominion Energy Virginia's Non-Residential Window Film Program promotes the installation of solar reduction window film to customers interested in lowering their cooling bills and improving overall comfort. First of all the average program rebate is $2,100; second, rebates are calculated based on the improvement in Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).  Because of this, Dominion’s energy conservation programs for window tinting are helping non-residential (small business owners) customers create a more energy efficient environment in their facilities. Check out Dominion Energy Rebate success stories  to see what savings you're missing. First off, only small business owners are eligible; second, you MUST QUALIFY.

Why Commonwealth Window Tinting? Well... Because We Care That's Why!

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We are local, loyal and family owned. In addition, Commonwealth Commercial Window Tinting has a 100% satisfaction guarantee (see our window tinting faqs). Also, we stand by our work and we stand by our products. We hire the most skilled window tinting professionals because our quality of work matters. The owners are both current members of the Norfolk Chesapeake Junior Chamber of Commerce (The Jaycees). We are clean and we are timely. Everyone at Commonwealth Window Tinting is held to the highest accountability. Your home or business will be treated like it were our own. Solar Reduction Window film will give you instant gratification. You will feel an instant increase in the quality of living around you. 

Commercial Window Tinting in Chesapeake, Virginia